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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Becomming a Tender Warrior - Real Instruction for Being a Man

On February 15, through my Church (“Church In the Valley”) I launched a Men’s only Growth Group with a focused study to help guys grow in their relationships to God. The book I choose to use for the focused study was “Tender Warrior” by Stu Weber. The book is subtitled “Every Man’s Purpose, Every Women’s Dream, Every Child’s Hope.”

The book is an excellent guide for guys to get in touch with what God our creator has intended the role of man to be in this world. The book explores this along with current thinking within society.  It will likely challenge you and your values/perspective (I know it has challenged mine.)

Each week in our group we will be reading selected chapters in the book. As group facilitator I have agreed to provide a brief overview of what was discussed in the chapters and then come up with several perception/values related questions for the group to discuss.

The next several posts will include those brief overviews (some insights / summary) of the chapters of this wonderful book. It is my desire that these posts could be used as a possible means for other guys to review.  It is my hope that this material is useful to you in thinking through your role as a man, especially in context to what our creator (God) has intended it to be for us..

Feel free to post comments or email with questions and your thoughts.