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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Always Close By and Always Available

My Dad was always close by and always available.

His words and achievements were like that of any normal man. However, what made my Dad extraordinary was his presence.

His presence was like a warm fireplace or a sturdy porch swing or a big branched elm tree, he was always a source of comfort. He could always be found … and leaned upon.

During the turbulent years of our adolescence, Dad was a large part of our lives that was predictable. Girl friends came and girl friends went, but Dad was there. Football season turned into baseball season and turned in to football season again and Dad was there. Whether is was dates, homework, my first car, or playing catch in the yard—they all had one thing in common; his presence.

And because he was there life went smoothly for us. The car always ran, the bills got paid, and the lawn stayed mowed. Because he was there, we kids never worried about things like income tax, savings accounts, monthly bills or mortgages, and we never went without. Because of him our future was secure.

He did what dads are supposed to do—be there. Through his example, he taught me right and wrong. He modeled the importance of getting up early, working hard and caring for others. And I knew if I ever needed him, he’d be there.

Because he was there my growing up was what God intended growing up to be for us, a safe place where we could be trained.

I know that times of trouble and testing will come for me (us) in the future. Even though he’s gone, my memory of him and his example will always be very near.

As far as Dad’s are concerned, I had one of the best and I want to thank my heavenly Father for providing him. I pray as time goes on, God allows me to continue to follow his example and be the best Husband, Dad, Brother, Uncle and Friend that I can be.