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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Purpose Driven Life

I've been thinking a lot about my purpose in life.

Recently my church went though a series on "The Road to Financial Freedom." Included in this was an opportunity to attend a one day seminar from Crown Financial Ministries. The whole series and the seminar provided a lot of detail on God's perspective toward money and possessions and really got me thinking about my walk with Christ.

The Key Points Were:

. "God is in Control." He owns and is involved in every thing.
. We are only stewards of his resources.
. With debt we become a slave to the lender.
. We are to enjoy (be content) with what he have given us.
. We are to give back, and those God will provide for others and allow us to be part of it.

From this series our church launched summer small groups for managing finances God's way. I was happy to volunteer to lead one of these small groups. As we began the study, the introduction was from Rick Warren and in it Rick pointed out that were five purposes for our lives. We are called to:

. Worship God
. Have Fellowship With God and Other
. Grow like Christ
. To Serve Others
. Be on-mission for God in the World

I decided to go back through Rick Warren's book "The Purpose Driven Life." What will follow in the next few weeks will be my observations and thoughts as I review this and as I go through with my group the materials on Managing our Finances God's Way.

I'm not sure if anyone will ever read my posts, however, I pray that God will use the insights, concepts and perspective's I write about to make a difference in the life of someone else.